The “Got Milk” ad campaign using celebrity endorsers has generated a lot of awareness and media coverage over the years. Think of another celebrity campaign, do a little internet research, and review / discuss the campaign you pick by looking at its failures and success.

My professor gave me this assignment and it has been by far my favorite assignment. I chose to use the ever-known ASPCA commercial featuring our favorite mood killer/singer, Sarah McLachlin. This has got to be one of the most well known commercials in the history of the commercial industry.

I chose this campaign to study because literally EVERYONE hates this commercial. Whoever wrote out ASPCA’s campaign more than likely got an extremely good raise. The biggest success they created was when they put together the tragically gruesome looking video clips of the puppies and kittens looking as sad and sick as humanly possible, and then proceeded to slap you in the face with “In the arms of the angels” lyrics that reach down your throat and essentially rip out your heart.

When watching this commercial you are either one of three people: the first person being the one who immediately makes it their highest priority in life to change the channel, the second is the one who cannot bear to change the channel and so they immediately call and donate and get their “free” t-shirt, or the last one, who has been hardened by watching this heart breaking commercial over and over, and it no longer affects their ability to sleep at night.

Having that ability using just a commercial is absolutely a success. Everyone will remember the commercial for years and years to come, and will be able to hear that song about the freakin’ angels. But, did this commercial also have its own failures? Absolutely.

The biggest fail of this commercial is also coincidently its biggest success, the song. This song is forever burned in our minds (see paragraph 2) with a negative connotation. It is so negative in fact that when people here it, they immediately change it. So if the commercial is being changed every time the song starts, how is any new information going to be shown for the audience to see? This creates a huge downfall for both Sarah McLachlin and the ASPCA.


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