Why is it an important task for PR Practitioners to manage conflict and smaller problem situations for an organization? What are ways that this monitoring and managing of these issues can be done to be most effective?

Managing crisis can range from being simple and easy to being the most challenging problem an organization has faced. Many organizations do not have the time to face a crisis that has gained attention, and that is were PR comes in.

Practitioners handle a wide variety of cases; whether those are be individual cases or lawsuits filed against global companies. Most do not have the resources, experience, or even time to manage a crisis and keep up with company requirements. We (the practitioners) are trained for four years making sure that crisis can and will be handled. This makes it our job to provide the best crisis coverage that can be found.

The most effective way to monitor and manage a crisis is by constantly staying ahead of the game. If a practitioner knows that a bad publicity story is going to be published or discussed on the evening news then a press release, a crisis management plan will be formed, and actions will already be in place to make as soon as the story surfaces.

This way crisis are never as big as anticipated, and images are not tarnished to the point that they are unsalvageable. Even if a story or problem arises, practitioners will still always be able to act quickly to resolve the issue and keep the audience focused on a different topic.


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