To me, the most interesting thing about public relations and communications is…

PR and communications are both very broad fields. Both require an insane amount of patience and time to discuss with clients, deal with clients, media, and other resources going against you, and effectively do the job required. This difficult of a challenge excites me to the point where I wish I was already graduated and working in the field. Knowing that I will have the challenge of changing the whole face of a company, changing the way a certain community sees a person, and eventually getting to represent all those scandal stricken politicians that make up the GOP.

Now granted, when I think of working PR I automatically go straight to Olivia Pope and all her badass peeps taking on these extreme cases that are do or die. I know that this will not happen as portrayed on the show, because more than likely there will be no love stricken affair with the president, or even getting abducted by terrorist group only to be rescued by a MIA group member with an astonishing beard. But, it is still extremely encouraging enough to get through the program and start being a gladiator in a suit (thank you, Shonda Rhimes).

Even though PR is nothing like what is portrayed in Shondaland, it is still an extremely crazy, non-stop, always moving field and that is what is most interesting to me.


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