Why is clear communication important in times of crisis and emergency?

When a crisis strikes many people are uniformed of the true nature of the emergency. They may have certain questions or statements they need to get out, or even a problem that they need assistance with. Getting the word out and receiving a reply is a much bigger problem than what most might think. Establishing communication is up to the local, state, and federal governments in a time of crisis or an emergency. This is so that citizen’s problems and questions can be answered, and that information that is vital to keeping citizens safe needs to be distributed quickly and efficiently.

For example, we (the southeast United States) just suffered through a major hurricane. If there was no communication by the local, state, and federal governments then most people wouldn’t know what roads were evacuation routes, when and where the hurricane was hitting, and what supplies people needed to survive the storm. Without that information getting across, many people would have been unprepared and many casualties would have been a result.


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