Comparing and contrasting modern communication tools with traditional communication tools through the eyes of a PR Practitioner

Modern communication tools are tools that are online, cellular, and technology related. Some of these are Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and many many others. Also most, if not all, newspapers have online websites and journals that can be accessed 24/7. This form of communication never stops. Traditional communication tools are newspapers and telecasts or broadcasts.

PR Practitioners who use modern tools have a slight upper hand with working with social media.They can put information and breaking news in an instant which is significantly faster than going through a reporter and having to write a story and then waiting for it to be published. In my personal opinion I believe that modern technology is more efficient but not as reliable as waiting for a published article in a newspaper. Sure, getting information out as soon as it is known is fantastic, but it isn’t always the best way to get information out. If someone saw an arrest happening that doesn’t look like its following protocol and they tweet about it then they have probably sparked some outrage; but if they wait and report back to a reporter or editor of a newspaper and wait for the police to give information also then they can accurately report a story.

Going old school and using a reporter or anchor of a tv station usually means that you have gathered plenty of information before you’ve pitched a story. Using a newspaper reporter generally takes longer for the story to get out but when it does it usually has all the facts needed to present a thorough story. That goes for a broadcaster also. Granted TV takes less time to get on air than it takes to write a story and publish it, but the difference with TV is that the story can continually get updated through breaking news. No one likes breaking news because it always interrupts our tv shows, but it does do some good.

Both modern and traditional tools need PR Practitioners though. Social media needs practitioners so that what they are saying cant be used against them at a later time and newspaper journalists and tv anchors need practitioners to provide them with stories, press releases, and breaking news. So neither would really get very far without a PR Practitioner helping them along the way.


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