What is the difference between PR Practitioners and the media?

For starters, let’s make it very clear that the PR world does not hate the media world. We may not like the media sometimes, and most of the time the media does not like us; but we gotta stick together in order to get both of our jobs done. But what truly is the difference between us PR’ers and the media?

The media is all about stories. It does not matter what you really tell the media because more than likely they’ll spin it in a totally different direction. Why do people love watching Young and the Restless or Bold and the Beautiful? Because of their stories!! Soap operas do not even remotely care about the accuracy of a story line.. They focus on the story! Sure, a character could’ve been abducted and “killed off” but that has no effect on the story line because the same character will come back with a face transplant two weeks later. The media works the same way. You can give them a story about a rescuing a dog and they’ll change the direction of being rescued to why a dog was in the position of being rescued in the first place.

The PR world is totally opposite. We have a direction we need the media to go in so that we can get our point across. We have a particular audience with a particular agenda and if the media were to stray away from our direction then the story and the effort would go to waste. We like to be particular about the information that gets across and to have some other twist be put on our story, it would cause failure of the PR pitch.



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