Communication is power

Communication is power because it can be used by groups of people to share knowledge and ideas to reach a common goal. If not for communication alliances, such as that between Australia and the United States of America currently, would not exist. Because of this alliance, trading has been made much easier and more efficient for the two countries. Communication has put the US and Australia a step ahead of other countries because they are more powerful together rather than on their own.

With communication you have the power to change how someone thinks, feels, or even acts. By manipulating words or phrases many politicians have changed the views of voters and even changed their votes completely. For example, many Republican politicians have begun referring to global warming as a change in climate because it makes the situation sound less frightening. By doing so they have made the idea of global warming seem abstract thus persuading people to have more Republican views on such a topic. This form of communication gives the communicator a more persuasive tone which allows them to manipulate people’s views.


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